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ED doctors prescribe more opioids than required, says study

As the nation struggles with the opioid epidemic, a whopping 65 percent of emergency department (ED) doctors simply have no idea how they are prescribing addictive painkillers to their patients, revealed a recent study published online in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine in March 2018. Most thought they were prescribing within the limits, but they..

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American Dental Association announces new policy to combat opioid epidemic

Looking at the worsening opioid crisis that continues to affect millions of Americans, the American Dental Association (ADA) has announced a new policy for prescribing opioids with respect to prescription limits and continuing education. ADA president Joseph P. Crowley has urged the dentists across the nation to make sincere efforts in combating the opioid epidemic…

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Disciplinary action against 9 midshipmen of US Naval Academy for alleged drug use and failure to report

The U.S. Naval Academy recently announced initiation of a disciplinary action against nine midshipmen for alleged drug use, according to a spokesman of the Academy. Five men are held responsible for using illegal drugs like ecstasy, ketamine, mushrooms or cocaine within the Academy, while the remaining four have been held responsible for not reporting the..

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