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Substance abuse can grow like wildfire from a spark of drug use and burn friends and family in the process. Sovereign Health now features a natural detox program to assist patients as they seek recovery from drugs and alcohol. This recovery method is able to restore nutrients for clients, while avoiding replacement medications; thus sidestepping the effects of medication during the detox.

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A number of different circumstances can cause the drug user to seek treatment. Friends and family may stage an intervention for the individual they are concerned about. The hope is the drug user or alcoholic is able to admit they have a problem and be willing to seek help. Any person facing difficulties from substance abuse can benefit from receiving assistance sooner than later. Hopefully, help is sought before actions such as an intervention are ever necessary.

By receiving treatment today, a patient can have all the greater odds of living a fuller and richer life. Using controlled substances can lead to a number of different misfortunes, such as legal and health consequences. Estrangement from friends and family is often common. After a detox program has been completed, recovery options such as family therapy could prove helpful in this case.

The lowdown on luxury

Some clients prefer an upper echelon standard of comfort and privatized attention in their care. Therefore, Sovereign Health Detox also offers luxury treatment for those that wish to have a greater range of amenities provided to them. Those in this treatment can expect the finest accommodations and gourmet meals as they work toward recovery. A number of activities and therapies intended to further utter relaxation during the stay will be incorporated. Those desiring a more lavish option for substance abuse treatment and recovery can count on Sovereign Detox to fulfill these requests as well.

Why do I need options?

Different options assist in providing more comfortable and individualized forms of treatment for each patient. Sovereign Detox incorporates a holistic approach to better suit each client according to his or her needs. First, those in the detox program will focus on relieving themselves from the physical dependence on illicit drugs or alcohol. Following completion of the natural detox, each patient will then continue the path to wellness with additional supporting therapies. This helps to ensure that the chances of relapse are further minimized.

Our natural detox methods

Cognitive behavioral therapy can allow those facing substance abuse or alcoholism to receive greater insight into what first caused their misstep. He or she will learn better and more productive means of coping with thoughts or behaviors that trigger use. Perhaps patients can be pointed toward new activities and peer groups which will keep him or her sober. The person will need to avoid falling back on old habits which caused the troubles of the past.

Group therapy can also prove to be effective for those looking to avoid substance abuse following detox. Being around others who have faced dependence to the same substance could prove therapeutic for the individual. He or she can gain valuable feedback from others that struggle in the same way that they do.

To meet more specific individual needs, there is also the option of individualized therapy. A mental health professional and a client will work on a one to one basis.

Dually-diagnosed patients — of both addiction and mental health illnesses — can benefit from prescribed medication for the underlying disorder. One may often use alcohol or controlled substances as a futile means of self medicating for a condition, such as depression or anxiety. In Sovereign Detox a client will, instead, use a combination of medication and therapy that is healthful and possibly life changing.

There are also a number of alternative therapies that can assist those struggling from substance abuse. Perhaps art therapy or relaxation techniques such as meditation can provide those in recovery with the support they need. The only way to know for sure, is to seek treatment today. If you or a loved one you know is dealing with addiction, please call our admissions team at 855-682-0103.

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